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Welcome KingPlex, Good bye KentuckyKraft
by IntenseArmadillo, 8 hours ago

I've been working a lot on improving the server. We've got some BIG advertisements coming right around the corner. We've also decided to re-brand the server to KingPlex. Over the next few days I'll be completely re-designing the back-end to the website, as well as revamping the forums section.

I've been focusing on perfecting SkyBlock for the past few days because there are some YouTubers coming on, LittleLizardGaming. Once they've done recording, next up is just fixing little bugs here and there.

Planned servers for re-vamps are Creative, KitPvP and SkyWars which are all in my opinion, below standard.

Thanks everyone for your support! Hope you like the new logo!
- Intense

Server Revamp! - In progress
by KrunchyChrome, 15 days ago

Hi guys,

It's been a long time without any updates. We've been working hard on the server for the past couple of days. We're planning to get some advertisements around this month. Tell your friends that the server is back!

OP-Prison Reset
by KrunchyChrome, 3 months ago


Long time. Anyways I've reset player data, and ranks on op-prison. If you were a donator please email [email][/email] with IGN. <3


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